There are many people living in condos today.  The task of maintenance and repairs that most home owners face are avoided if one lives in a condo.  Many people find the security features of a condo an advantage and makes it a favorable living space for them.


Many people like the idea of living in a condo yet they are skeptical when it comes to condo renovation.  People are skeptical because you need first to seek the approval of the condo board before you can renovate your condo unit.


Once you are permitted to do renovation work on your condo, you can benefit from some tips on how to renovate your condo space.


You should check the status certificate of your condo before doing your renovation project.  The certifications will give you the rules that govern the condo.  In this certificate, you will know what parts of the condo can be changed by the owner legally.



Some condo boards have strict rules on renovation, and some board only allow work during weekdays.  It may also be impossible for you to undertake the renovation project in the limited time period approved by the board.  So, to help you finish the project on the time limited set by the condo board, it is best to hire a professional condo renovation contractor


Perhaps you are thinking of selling your condo in the future so that you can buy a house with a yard for your family's needs.  Remember the custom built condos are difficult to sell.  If you opt for high customization now, you will have to renovate the condo in the future in order to make it buyer-friendly.


One of the limitations of living in a condo is that you cannot increase the size of your living space.  So you need to opt for strategies that create an illusion of space.  Here are some renovation strategies that can make your condo area look spacious.


Brightening up your rooms is made possible by suing light neutral paint color.  If your flooring is light colored, your rooms will look bigger.  Ceiling-to-floor shelves are able to increase your storage space.  The bed should be a platform bed with drawers that are built-in.  Lighting can help make a small condo look roomy, but it has to be planned carefully to have that effect.



You can attain a more comfortable condo by renovating it.  However, you should play by the rules of your condo board so you will not have any problems.  Plan the project with the help of an experienced condo renovation contractor at and make your condo beautiful.